Top 10 Unique Crystals at Village Rock Shop

I'm constantly amazed by the beauty and the power of crystals. I learn and discover more each day about their magnificent nature and amazing properties. The Village Rock Shop was born with the mission to share with others my passion for crystals and gemstones. In my shop you'll find a carefully selected collection of crystals and high-quality gemstones from all around the world.

The following crystals are special thanks to their beauty and their amazing properties. Some of them are good to use in crystal healing, others are great to wear as jewelry, others are ideal for your altar.

Angelite is a soft mineral that facilitates contact with angels and spiritual guides and helps to connect with your true self. This beautiful stone is like a crystal guardian angel. Due to its ability to enhance psychic healing and telepathic communication is a powerful stone for healers. Angelite provides protection for the environment or the entire body, dispels fear, anger and anxiety, converting them into faith and tranquility.

Amazing Stones From all Around the World at the Village Rock Shop

Phantom Quartz Crystals are some of the most loved stones and for centuries have been used for healing and as jewelry. Quartz Crystals are available in a large variety of colors and cuts. Phantom Quartz gets its healing properties from rare formations created from interruptions in their growth, creating concentrated mineral deposits and forming distinctive ghost-like shapes within the crystal.

Quartz Crystals offer a variety of benefits and advantages to the user. The Phantom Quartz Crystals are amazing stones with excellent composition and beautiful details to explore. Important deposits of these crystals are in Madagascar, Brazil, China and Japan.

Shungite is a black stone, a unique natural formation, intermediate between graphite and amorphous carbon. Shungite has the ability to absorb substances from the environment, bactericidal activity and the ability to communicate with any substances. It has a very broad scope for its application including healing, chemical industry, metallurgy, agriculture due to its unique properties. Shungite products are highly effective in protecting against electromagnetic radiation. Wearing Shungite pendants on a daily basis can help with throat and breathing problems and relieve pain in the neck and head. These stylish pendants will also be the source of positive energy that will increase your overall well-being. In our shop you'll find a wide array of high quality Shungite products.

Each Lemurian Quartz Cluster is in itself a wonder, some of them contain chlorite, lithium, lodolite. You'll be amazed by the beauty and energy of these extraordinary stones! Lemurian Quartz Clusters can help to re-connect with your true self and allow you to experience a higher state of consciousness. Due to their purifying and energizing properties Lemurian Quartz Clusters are the perfect stones to have on your altar, in your bedroom or at your workplace. Important Lemurian Quartz deposits are in Tibet, Russia, Zambia, Brazil and in the U.S.

Tourmaline belongs to a complex family of aluminum borosilicates mixed with magnesium, iron and other metals. Depending on the proportions of the components Tourmalines can have various colors as red, pink, yellow, blue, violet, brown, black, green, and may be transparent or opaque. Rubellite Tourmaline, also known as Red Tourmaline, is a stone that resonates with the heart of the Earth. This beautiful stone stimulates the Heart Chakra and helps us to have a lively interaction with others. Red Tourmaline helps neutralize the harmful effects of computers, microwaves and other electronic devices. Tourmaline is considered a shamanic stone, providing protection during rituals and healing sessions. Important Red Tourmaline deposits are in Brazil and in the U.S.

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Chevron Amethyst is a natural combination of two amazing crystals: the Amethyst and White Quartz. The symbiotic combination of these two stones is what makes Chevron Amethyst a powerful spiritual stone. It has the enhancing qualities of the Quartz Crystal and the intuitive properties of the Amethyst. Chevron Amethyst dissipates and repels all kinds of negative energies and creates a strong healing field around the wearer. The most important deposits of this crystal are in Russia and India.

Clear Quartz Double Terminated Crystals has energy flowing in two directions and channels energy in both directions. It is a perfect crystal for meditation and crystal healing. With Clear Quartz Double Terminated Crystals, you can give and receive energy. It is an efficient tool used in crystal healing sessions. This crystal helps you to connect with others in a harmonious way. Giving and receiving positive energy deepens your spirituality and connects you with the whole Universe. Important deposits of this crystal are in Russia, India, Australia and the U.S.

Ocean Jaspers, these multicolored stones with a wide color spectrum, including soft shades of gold, pink, yellow, green, brown, black and white reflects the complexity of the Earth. Ocean Jasper is a powerful yet soothing stone that re-connects us with our natural state of joy, thanks to its cleansing and restorative powers. It is a highly effective tool in stress relieving. Joy of life, mindful expansion and a deep relaxation are the gifts of the Ocean Jasper crystal. Important deposits were found in Madagascar, India, Russia, Australia, Indonesia and the U.S.

Dumortierite is a rare blue or violet mineral, named after the French paleontologist Dumortier. This magnificent stone teaches you to take control of your own life and stand up for yourself. It stimulates the brain and brings enhanced mental abilities. It also stimulates the pineal gland helping to develop psychic powers, and is often used by healers, psychic readers, astrologers or tarot readers. Dumortierite can be found in Brazil, Mozambique, Czech Republic and in the U.S.

Fluorite forms naturally in octahedron-shaped molecules and these beautiful stones are cut by miners, who split the Fluorite along its natural cleave lines. These stones present a valuable combination of the crystal's and the octahedron shape's properties. It is a helpful tool for meditations, healing and aura cleaning. Fluorite Octahedrons absorb all kinds of negative energies from the environment. Important Fluorite deposits are in China, Russia, Mexico, Morocco, Argentina and in the U.S.