COVID-19 Updates & Safety Precautions: In-Store Shopping and Online Product Handling

At the Village Rock Shop, we are striving to protect our staff and customers. We will continue to work to provide the best customer service. As the health and safety of our staff and customers are extremely important, we encourage online shopping. However, we welcome our customers in our shop, as long as they wear a face mask and maintain social distancing. We consider that following adequate protective measures is essential.

During the pandemic in our Carlsbad-based shop we:

  • sanitize regularly objects and surfaces, especially those that are being touched regularly, including door handles, workstations, countertops, doorknobs or staff handled devices and products
  • encourage our customers to use hand sanitizer before entering the shop and again as they leave the shop. We provide hand sanitizer at the counter for our customers’ use
  • remind our customers to wear face masks in our shop
  • make sure our staff and our customers respect social distancing. We do our best to make that easy by putting up signs and introducing a one-way system that our customers can follow
  • make sure to keep our customers up to date with safety measures
  • calculate the maximum number of clients that can reasonably follow social distancing guidelines inside the shop
  • encourage our staff to use hand sanitizer as they enter or leave the shop
  • maintain a good air-exchange in our shop through natural ventilation
  • encourage contactless electronic payment methods
  • provide communication of the latest guidelines to customers in order to keep everyone safe
  • enforce cleaning and sanitizing procedures for products entering the shop

Web Shop Safety Precautions During COVID-19 Pandemic At the Village Rock Shop

Our main goal is to provide excellent customer service - our customers‘ online orders will be thoroughly responded and phone calls will be promptly answered. We respect CDC Guidelines for our staff and customers‘ safety.

At the Village Rock Shop we:

  • do our best to minimize person-to-person contact when accepting deliveries and using gloves when picking up deliveries
  • ensure that products entering our customers’ home is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized with proper cleaning products and sanitizers
  • consider ways to reduce the frequency of deliveries by ordering larger quantities of products less often