Dinosaur Fossil Parts Make Great Gifts

Fossils form almost exclusively in sedimentary rocks- rocks from sand, mud and organic material settled out of the water to create layers that compact into stone. Generally, all types of fossils form in five ways:

  • preservation of original remains
  • permineralization
  • molds and casts
  • replacement
  • compression

Dinosaur fossils consist mainly of skeletal remains or teeth, while other fossils contain skin, feathers, or soft tissues. The fossils of bones, teeth, and shells are called body fossils. The majority of dinosaur fossils are collections of body fossils.

A dinosaur fossil is often seen as a gemstone because each cell is petrified with various minerals while maintaining the original bone structure. They are ways of insight that help us in understanding Earth's changes.

Prehistoric Gifts for Every Occasion

Besides their geological and historical value, dinosaur fossils have other, more subtle values that make them great gifts. Like crystals and gemstones, dinosaur fossils hold ancient vibrations beneficial to our energy fields. They also stimulate one's sense of adventure and are a prehistoric lesson you can have in your hands.

Dinosaur fossil is recommended for those working through stressful life situations or mentally and emotionally destructive work environments. It guides you to look at practical results rather than concentrating on the reasons for the problem. Use the teeth and bone fossils around at home or at work to create a harmonious and organized atmosphere.

Beneficial influences of dinosaur fossil:

  • calms survival anxiety
  • facilitates bonding in family
  • stimulates peace at home
  • aligns you with your convictions

The Healing Energy of Dinosaur Bones

Associated with the root chakra and the earth element, dinosaur bones may be helpful to activate Kundalini energy. They were often used as talismans for protection and long life in ancient cultures.

Dinosaur fossils are excellent for detoxification; they help clean the whole physical body by adjusting it with the energetic body, making all treatments more efficient and longer-lasting. Dinosaur fossils can be helpful in crystal therapy healing for problems with the limbs or fractured bones. They are suitable for the regulation of body temperature.

Dinosaur fossils are helpful in:

  • treating skin problems
  • healing of internal organs
  • calming allergic responses
  • aiding fertility problems

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