Mosasaurus Fossil Vertebrae
Mosasaurus Fossil Vertebrae

Mosasaurus Fossil Vertebrae

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Mosasaurs were extinct marine reptiles and lived approximately 90 million years ago with the dinosaurs and went extinct 60-70 million years ago. T Also known as "T-Rex of the Seas," these air-breathing reptiles were some of the most fearsome predators ever lived in oceans. Mosasaurus vertebrae are some of the most common and famous fossils collected worldwide. These spectacular pieces of prehistoric life make perfect gifts for fossil enthusiasts or collectors, and anyone fascinated by the Earth's history.

Fossilized Mosasaurus vertebrae contain the energy of this large marine reptile: 

  • strength and vitality
  • determination
  • courage
  • resonance with the water element
  • regeneration
You will receive a Mosasaurus Fossil vertebrae approximately 2-3 inches.

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