What are fossils used for?

The magnificent appearance of fossil stones and their uniqueness offer various ways to use them and take in their benefits.

  • They can be used as meditation tools for their grounding effect. Fossils are powerful stones because of the ancient energies they carry. Holding them and absorbing their power is a way to return to the roots.
  • Place them in your living spaces to amplify the life force energy. Fossils or objects made of fossils are not only beautiful but helpful home decor pieces as they help create a harmonious and organized atmosphere.
  • Fossils are inspired gift objects for anyone with a passion for the ancient and science. Adding them to your stone collection is a valuable gift to yourself.

Fossils are essential evidence of the evolution and origin of plants and animals on this planet

The evidence provided by fossils is the base for the science field of:

  • Paleontology - through fossils, we can learn about plants and animals that existed long ago, about species that faced extinction or evolution to modern species.
  • Climatology - by studying the fossil record, we can gather evidence of the earth's climate during fossil preservation.
  • Archaeology - fossils help us learn about the ancestors of millions of years ago, the ancient cultures they founded.