From the Love for Crystals to a Successful Business

When the owner of the Village Rock Shop, Xenia Mateiu started her journey in the magical world of crystals, she had no idea where it will lead her.

She is now the owner of the Village Rock Shop, a small business where she puts a lot of time, energy and dedication.

An Inviting and Inspiring Shop for Crystal Lovers

In our shop you’ll find a carefully selected collection of crystals, the best quality raw, rough, tumbled, faceted, polished gemstones along with a wide variety of, spiritual gifts. Whether you are a therapist working with healing crystals or you just love the beauty and energy of gemstones you can find the stones you are looking for in our shop.

At Village Rock Shop we aim to offer the finest crystals and gemstones from all around the world at an affordable price, providing impeccable customer services.

We provide you assistance in selecting the right crystals for the actual moment of your life journey. In our shop you will find only authentic, natural crystals and each crystal carries its own unique healing and purifying properties.

All our products are selected to guarantee high-quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

Visit Village Rock Shop and let us be your guide in the enchanted world of crystals.

If you need assistance, Xenia is a gem expert and she can help you pick the items based on specific properties and intentions.


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