Raffle Events at Village Rock Shop

The quarantine took a tow on everybody, especially on small businesses. We had the store closed for over three months during the pandemic.

We made some efforts to, at least, continue selling online by listing items with prices on social media, and updated our website. What was a very nice thought, our customers kept calling and come pick up some merchandise themselves or buy gift certificates for later. Everybody was so amazing and supportive that we were able to pay rent and hold onto our store and not go broke like many other retail stores in the area.

I wanted to show my appreciation to all my customers and somehow thank the support of the community has given us throughout the pandemic, and keep us in business.

I decided to do a raffle for a few months

Raffle is not available anymore but we are working on a very cool rewards program that will be available soon.

It’s been amazing how people responded and we had buyers on our website. It felt so good that they were trying to support us no matter what is going on in the world. I wanted to give back and share my thank you's to this wonderful supportive community we have.

We had a raffle every month since March through August, for the shoppers of that particular month and we have two prizes:

  • 1 grand winner every month and
  • a smaller gift for a second person.

We had a draw for winners on the 1st of each month. Watch the June 2020 raffle on Instagram.

Check out for winners on our social media: