Fossilized Shell Types & Healing Properties

The most typical samples of fossils include seashell fossils from invertebrate animals that lived in the prehistoric sea many millions of years ago. Seashell fossils are pretty rare as it takes very long for an organism to decompose and fossilize. That's one of the reasons why these fossils are so unique. Types of fossilized marine creatures with shells:

  • Pelecypods or bivalves - have two shells that are mirror images of each other
  • Brachiopods - have upper and lower shells, but they are not exactly alike
  • Gastropods - mollusks or snails with the shell coiled in a spiral

Because they hold the energies of prehistorical times, fossilized shells were essential elements in the healing rituals of ancient people. They believed that these possessed spiritual characteristics. If you want to work with something that can quickly ground you to the Earth's core energy, shell fossils are the answer. They embody the natural healing and cleansing energies of Earth.

Spiritual Healing Properties of Fossilized Shell

As shells hold the energetic intent for meditation, we can learn a fantastic balance by working with shell fossils. They can show us how to protect the soft parts of ourselves so they don't get traumatized and simultaneously reveal how to remain open to the whole experience of living.

When we exist in this balance, our spirit remains filled with light, and we are happy and peaceful. We stay personally engaged with everything around us yet firm and grounded within ourselves.

Meditating with fossilized shells or wearing them helps us in:

  • memorizing things
  • interpreting any symbolism
  • protecting from negative energies
  • uncovering our subconscious parts
  • evoking our dreams

Emotional Healing Properties of Fossilized Shell

Our emotional well-being is potentially upgraded by our ability to tap into the universal love source which connects all beings. This connection can be enhanced with fossilized shells' influence to remain in the present moment.

They can help us to connect with the sea of our own emotions and teach us to recognize the constant shifting of our feelings, the rising and ebbing of them. This way, we become less attached to our sensations, enjoy the good feelings when they arise, and be gentle with the painful ones when they emerge.

Having them around us or wearing them can help us with:

  • cooperating and working with others
  • getting in the flow of things
  • balancing our egos
  • feeling relaxed and at ease
  • opening to the new

Mental Healing Properties of Fossilized Shell

With their connection to the water element, fossilized shells can enhance the purification of our mental processes. Calmness as a state of mind allows us to be intuitive about our health and well-being. Shell fossils bring this calm into our energy fields with their grounding effect. They will help guide us through transitional periods or significant changes in our life with positive motivation.

Fossilized shells are natural filters that draw away the negative doubts and fears and instill a positive thought process. Being in contact with them surrounds us with a field of energy that attracts success, power, hope, and abundance. Benefits of placing these fossils in our living spaces:

  • helps us to stay organized and focused
  • helps us to realize what is most important
  • stimulates our intuition and imagination
  • enhances our adaptability and willingness to embrace the new

Physical Healing Properties of Fossilized Shell

An ancient healing form is balancing our energy fields with our chakras and healing the physical body through harmony. Fossilized shells are symbols of yin and yang, they reflect the dynamic of nature's creative force. Working with them balances our energy fields and renews our physical energy.

Because of their ability to protect us from negative influences, shell fossils are helpful for introverts who can feel emotionally and physically drained by other people's energies.

Other beneficial influences on the physical body:

  • improve the nervous system
  • help with the skeletal system, particularly the spine
  • help with degenerative diseases
  • enhance speech and communication
  • reduce stress and increase the sense of awareness in the body

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