Grumpy Crystals at Village Rock Shop

Give grumpy stones to grumpy people to take away their grumpiness and put a smile on their faces. Usually, grumpy stones are made of clay or garden rocks, but the grumpy stones we have in our shop are made of natural gemstones.
So, whenever you need something to cheer you up, these are your go-to stones.

  • Grumpy stones are perfect for everyday carry, and we can assure you that every time you look at them, they will make you smile. Each stone comes with vibrant, lively colors, and those grumpy faces scare away bad vibes.
  • They are perfect companions throughout your day. You can keep them on your work desk or have them in your meditation corner.
  • These grumpy gemstones are like some little personal protectors, keeping away negative thoughts while bringing in some good vibes to make you feel better all day long.
  • Grumpy stones made of genuine gemstones are perfect gifts, so gift them to someone dear to you who is going through a rough time.

Howlite Grumpy Stones Help with Anger Management

Howlite grumpy stones are meant to take away grumpiness and anger. As you carry your Howlite grumpy stone, the gemstone's energy will flow around your body, infusing it with calming energies.

This beautiful white gemstone brings cooling energies that make your Howlite grumpy stone helpful whenever you want to cool down your fiery emotions. Rub your Howlite grumpy stone with your finger if you feel stressed or anxious; it will help keep your mind calm and clear.

We recommend using your Howlite grumpy stone whenever you feel:

  • overwhelmed by anxiety
  • stressed and tensed
  • frustrated or angry
  • nervous before an exam or a presentation
  • too agitated and restless

Ruby in Zoisite Grumpy Stones Bring Comfort During Grief

Ruby in Zoisite grumpy stones can make you forget your sadness and make you smile. Whenever you are going through tough times that make you feel sad, lonely, or troubled by negative thoughts, keep a Ruby in Zoisite grumpy stone nearby during the day to feel the gemstone's comforting energy.

The natural combination of Ruby and Zoisite results in a positive energy flow and brings various benefits. The gemstone helps to align the Heart and Third Eye chakras, creating harmony between the mind and emotions.

Carry a Ruby in Zoisite grumpy stone throughout your day whenever you are feeling:

  • emotionally unbalanced
  • overwhelmed by grief
  • worthless, depressed
  • sad and lonely

Strawberry Quartz Grumpy Stones Bring a Joyful Vibe

These pink grumpy stones carry the nurturing energies of the Strawberry Quartz. When you carry this lovely grumpy stone in your pocket, its energy will flow around your body, infusing it with the energies of love and tranquility.

Gently rub the stone with your finger whenever you feel stressed or anxious. It will help calm your mind. Strawberry Quartz grumpy stones come with positive vibes, so they are your go-to stones to have some comfort during stressful times.

We recommend keeping Strawberry Quartz grumpy stones nearby whenever you:

  • wish to attract more love
  • need comfort during tough times
  • want an energy boost
  • need help to overcome difficulties
  • want to build positive bonds with others

Labradorite Grumpy Stones Excellent Companions for Meditation

Labradorite grumpy stones are meant to put a big smile on your face while taking away your fears and worries. Labradorite promotes inner transformation and stimulates psychic abilities.

Whether you carry your grumpy stone in your pocket or keep it in your meditation corner, the energy of the Labradorite will infuse your aura with high-vibration energies.

Your grumpy Labradorite will be an excellent companion throughout your day, especially during meditation, relaxation, and yoga sessions.

We recommend using Labradorite grumpy stones whenever you need:

  • a creativity boost
  • to calm your overactive mind
  • more enthusiasm and joy
  • stress relief and tranquility

Lepidolite Grumpy Stones Take Away Your Grumpiness

These tiny grumpy Lepidolite stones come to take away your grumpiness. Keep them in your pocket, on your work desk, nightstand whenever you feel to harness the stone's energy day and night. Rub your grumpy stone whenever you feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts or emotions.

Your Lepidolite grumpy stone can assist you in releasing old patterns that no longer serve you, gradually inducing transformation.

Carry a Lepidolite grumpy stone with you throughout your day whenever you are feeling:

  • too tensed
  • emotionally unbalanced
  • stressed or frustrated
  • overwhelmed by anxiety
  • lonely and depressed

Amazonite Grumpy Stones Come With Joyful Vibes

Amazonite comes with an uplifting vibe, so these lively, green grumpy stones will put a smile on your face. Hold your Amazonite grumpy stone and affirm aloud what you wish to manifest in your life. Keep it close to remind you of your intentions. Amazonite is known as a stone that can protect against electromagnetic pollution. Place your grumpy Amazonite near electronics, or tape it to your cell phone. We recommend having your Amazonite grumpy stone whenever you need:

  • to manifest prosperity
  • attract new business opportunities
  • emotional healing
  • overcome your worries and fear
  • control your anger and irritability
  • a self-esteem boost
  • more flexibility and balance

Buy Grumpy Stones at the Village Rock Shop

When looking for fun gifts for your loved ones, grumpy stones are an excellent option. Most grumpy stones are made of clay or garden rocks, except our tiny, colorful stones that are made of genuine gemstones.

At the Village Rock Shop, you'll find a wide variety of grumpy stones that come with many benefits and those grumpy faces will make you smile. When you'll visit our shop in Carlsbad, you can see all of our grumpy stones and choose the ones that attract you the most.

At the Village Rock Shop, you'll find a wide variety of genuine crystals and gemstone jewelry pieces. We invite you to visit our shop in Carlsbad, where we will gladly assist you in purchasing the best crystals for your needs.