#1 Rated crystals & gemstone gift shop in carlsbad village

2690 State St, Suite A, Carlsbad, CA 92008
Mon - Sun 10AM - 5PM

Xenia M.

Xenia is the manager of Village Rock Shop and is the one responsible for everything running /psmoothly. Xenia comes from Eastern Europe and her knowledge of different ways of living and thinking, made her the ideal person to contribute to the perpetuity of this wonderful dream.

She gives full attention to the multitudinous of her tasks, making sure each customer receives the welcoming and guidance necessary to find exactly what they are looking for. Her kindness is infinite and so is her will to permanently allow Mystical Dragon to reach out for more diversity and facilitating a communal ground for those bound by the sameness of their spiritual values.

Xenia is also part of the local community of artists by being an actively practicing photographer. You can find her ‘Cameraless’ series, on the extraordinary beauty of everyday nature, for sale in our store.