Best Crystals & Gemstones for Love & Seduction

February 03rd 2021

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so let's talk about love, passion, seduction, and ...crystals. We all want to be loved, but did you know that love is a universal energy that can be attracted into your life?

Crystals and gemstones can act as resonators and help us to get tuned to the energies of love and sensuality. These stones can help us express self-love and nurture profound, intimate relationships with others.

Whether you are looking for a romantic relationship or wishing to strengthen an existing one, the following crystals can be your powerful allies. Combine your intention to attract love into your life with the powerful energy of gemstones. Crystals can act like real magnets for the energy of love.

There are so many books about the art of seduction, but did you know that crystals and gemstones can also help you when you want to heat up things in your sex life?

Pink Crystals for the Ultimate Love

Pink crystals are among the best crystal for matters of the heart. The crystals' soft energies help us open our hearts to love, compassion, and tenderness. The most popular pink love crystals at the Village Rock Shop:

  • Rose Quartz - the stone of unconditional love encourages self-love, and helps in attracting new love relationships, or deepening the existing ones.
  • Rose Calcite - can help smooth out your energy, make you more open to new romantic experiences. Rose Calcite connects the heart and mind, opens doors to new opportunities, aligning you with love in every form of manifestation.
  • Rhodonite - brings emotional healing and infuses your heart with pure love. It helps you release jealousy, anger, and frustration making you more resilient and compassionate in your relationships.
  • Mangano Calcite - will help you get tuned to the energies of universal love, it brings harmony and increases the bond between lovers.

Green and Blue Crystals to Open Your Heart Chakra

Green and blue crystals like Green Aventurine, Blue Calcite, and Celestite open and balance the heart chakra. A harmonious heart chakra enables you to love sincerely and deeply. These heart chakra stones, attract the energies of love, compassion, and sensuality.

  • Green Aventurine - brings optimism and openness to romantic experiences. It brings an earthy grounding and joy to your love life.
  • Celestite - will help you experience the angelic, pure love, and will bring peace and harmony to your relationships.
  • Blue Calcite - encourages clear and honest communication in relationships, and helps you maintain a fulfilling love life.
  • Chrysocolla - helps sincere communication in love relationships, stabilizing and healing personal interactions.
  • Prehnite - balances the heart chakra, brings love, joy, and peace, and a renewed sense of happiness to long-term relationships.

Red and Orange Crystals to Open Your Sacral Chakra and Ignite Your Passion

There's nothing quite like the passion of a new relationship. The sensual red and orange crystals will help you evoke and maintain the passion and the excitement of the beginning throughout your relationships.

Red and orange stones at the Village Rock Shop:

  • Carnelian - the stone of seduction opens and energizes the sacral chakra, awakens the sexual energies, it will help you manifest your sensuality.
  • Garnet - ignites passion, it is a powerful crystal for physical love, it will connect you with your sensual energies. Wear Garnet jewelry to make you feel irresistible. Keep Garnet under your pillow to call in a new lover.
  • Red Jasper - if you're looking to heat things up in your existing relationship, Red Jasper is your stone. It can help channel your sexual energy, helping you express your sensuality without shame. Red Jasper will definitely light the fire of passion in your relationship.

Shiva Lingam for Sacred Sexuality

Shiva Lingam is a sacred stone, it's the symbol of the perfect union of the masculine and feminine energies of the universe - Shiva, and Shakti. It can help you attract passion, romance, and sensuality to your love life.

If you want to feel super sensual as you begin a new relationship or simply want to re-ignite the sparks between you and your loved one, this special stone will be your perfect crystal allie.

Shiva Lingam will help you create strong, harmonious bonds with your significant other, bringing happiness and enjoyment, basically, everything you want in a love relationship. How to use it:

  • meditate focusing your attention on the Shiva Lingam
  • place it under your pillow
  • display it on your altar
  • carry it with you throughout your day

Buy Crystals and Gemstones to Improve Your Love Life

At the Village Rock Shop, we have a rich selection of crystals and gemstones that will bring fresh energies into your love life. Wear them on your date to make you feel irresistible and sexy. Meditate with them to help you awaken your inner sex god/goddess. There are several methods to get tuned to the energies of these crystals. If you can not find the crystals you are looking for on our website, feel free to contact us, we might have those crystals in our store, or we can order them for you at the best available price.

How to use crystals and gemstones to improve your love life:

  • wear crystals and gemstone jewelry for a longer period
  • place them under your pillow
  • display them on your sacred altar
  • carry them with you throughout your day
  • create a crystal grid for love on your bedroom floor