Rock Pockets Full of Crystals: Geodes

Geodes form with chance and time: it takes a rounded cavity in sedimentary formations and dissolved silicates or carbonates to deposit on the inside surface. The forming process spans thousands of years until the layers of minerals will build crystals that eventually fill the cavity. In this way, geodes are tiny caves, small geological models of the grand forming process.

Depending on what minerals make up the geode, they will contain different crystals among which: quartz, amethyst, celestite, calcite, and selenite. The most common crystals to find in geodes are clear quartz and amethyst.

Some of the particularities of geodes are that these:

  • are igneous rocks
  • are usually egg-shaped
  • always have a bumpy surface
  • may contain mineral-laced water
  • are usually lighter than their size indicates
  • will sometimes have loose material inside

Amethyst Geode, A Work of Art Created by Nature

One of the crystals found in geodes is clear quartz, but quartz comes in many colors. Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz lining the inside of a geode. An amethyst geode is formed inside igneous volcanic rocks called basalts.

Natural amethyst forms over millions of years, which makes it so precious. Because they are sometimes prehistoric, amethyst geodes carry energetic information from all of those years.

Amethyst geodes can help you with:

  • reducing stress, insomnia, and restlessness
  • removing negative energies from our homes
  • improving decision-making by enhancing memory
  • receiving new ideas by heightening the state-of-mind
  • settling headaches and migraines, reducing fatigue
  • balancing the hormones, supporting a healthy endocrine system

Smoky Quartz, a Crystal From the Geode's Pocket

The brownish or black crystal may occur in cavities and vugs forming geodes. Amethyst grows on top of rock crystals or smoky quartz in the geode's forming process. The uniqueness of a geode increases if gemmy calcites exist atop the smoky quartz, a gemstone itself. Geodes with both smoky quartz and amethyst crystals or their transitional stages are a rarity.

Natural irradiation of silicon dioxide gives the smoky quartz its distinctive color. It can be almost entirely transparent or nearly opaque.

You can wear smoky quartz-like jewelry or place it around the house to:

  • lessen the disruptive electric emission of the computer or laptop
  • relieve the room of bad or weird energy
  • deal with even the toughest negative situations
  • draw out negativity so it's not boiling under the surface anymore
  • diffuse high levels of stress

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