Petrified & Fossilized Wood Products & Collectibles

Fossilization is a slow and million years-long process that produces the fossils we find nowadays. Petrification is one of these processes. What differentiates petrification from fossilization is that minerals replace organic matter during petrification. Fossilized wood is often part of a tree trunk preserved in a fossilized form.

There are three types of fossilized wood:

  • petrified wood
  • mummified wood
  • submerged forest

Petrified wood is a kind of fossilized wood, a fossil in which minerals have substituted the original wood in a slow course called permineralization. After all organic materials are filled with minerals, they solidify, and the organic material disappears. It forms mineral rocks with the same structure as the original tree.

The Uniqueness of Petrified Wood Products and Collectibles

Petrified wood is an extraordinary creation of nature. It's a relic that has been present on earth for millions of years. Just like how the fossilization process produces various fossils, the petrification process produces a large variety of petrified fossils.

The mineralized version shares the same size and shape as the replaced original organism. Each original tree and minerals infusion is unique; each piece of petrified wood is entirely one of a kind.

Worldwide, only small quantities of petrified wood are to find, making it even more exclusive. Petrified wood can be identified after its smooth, curvy sections, often a brownish bark color. On the Mohs Hardness Scale, petrified wood has a rate of 7, the same as quartz. Complete your collection of petrified wood with distinctive pieces from our shop:

The Benefits of Petrified Wood on the Physical Body

Petrified wood is a beautiful tool for all types of physical healing. Because it has different minerals in its composition, the fossil's vibration can help us tap into our body's ability to regenerate and rejuvenate.

Petrified wood teaches us that what we need to realize and remember is hidden deep within our body, mind, and soul. It also supports the cellular structure of our body.

This fossil will firm up our muscular and skeletal structure, specifically the back. It's helpful for treatments for the bone marrow and the skeletal system facilitates the healing of the bones. Petrified wood has a tonifying influence on our skin and hair. Its balancing and cleansing properties can heal:

  • liver and gallbladder
  • arthritis and osteoporosis
  • teeth-related issues
  • arterial sclerosis
  • rheumatism

The Benefits of Petrified Wood on the Emotional Body

Petrified wood brings the feelings from our subconscious to the surface, helping to remove the unnecessary limits on our potential. The fossil can help us recognize limiting emotional patterns inherited from our ancestors and helps us overcome them.

These emotional patterns were often created as survival tools to deal with our ancestors' situations. Petrified wood can help us accept which of these patterns are no longer needed, freeing us from the destructive remains of the past while keeping the ancient wisdom that can help us return to balance.

This fossilized wood can assists you in:

  • clearing limitations
  • letting go of unhealthy emotions
  • calming vehemence
  • reconnecting to the innate wisdom

The Benefits of Petrified Wood on the Mental Health

Petrified wood reminds us that all the knowledge and wisdom we need is available in the depths of our minds. It can assist us in uncovering the layers of negative thought patterns through spiritual healing practices like yoga, meditation, and shamanic journey work.

Petrified wood is a significant teacher of the beauty and power of the physical world. It helps you receive and learn life's lessons and understand the meaning of being an embodied, conscious soul on Earth. It assists you in recognizing that the Earth provides everything we need. It helps you overcome scarcity consciousness and limits being greedy.

These fossils can assist you in:

  • clearing out the mental clutter that no longer serves you
  • removing the irrelevant from your life
  • uncovering the hidden information that you need

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Fossils have been an essential help in healing journeys throughout history, storing powerful earth energies and encouraging revelations through inner work. Petrified wood fossils can amplify your inner world so that you can experiment your connection to their ancient vibration. Practice incorporating healing techniques with fossils into your daily life, so you can overcome various overwhelming circumstances that you need to conquer. Any trouble or suffering you will uncover with petrified wood will begin its recovery right away.

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