Top 10 Crystals & Stones Good for Depression

April 10th 2020

Three of ten persons experience a depressive episode in their lives in response to major dramatic life events - losses, major life changes, abuses, traumas, stress, or diseases. The signs of depression can manifest on the:

  • physical level - sleeping problems, loss of appetite, fatigue, self negligence, loss of sexual appetite
  • psychological level - loss of interest, poor concentration, negative thoughts, excessive worrying, sadness

How can crystals and stones help with depression?

When we are feeling down or depressed, our vibration is low and crystals can help us elevate it.

While professional help is essential in severe depression, few people know that crystals and stones can be helpful to deal with the signs of depression.

1. Carnelian to Dispel Negativity

This stone with a vibrant orange-red color restores vitality and motivation, promotes positive life choices, helps to dispel depression, mental lethargy, and apathy.

Carnelian is useful for overcoming any kind of abuse and negative conditioning. Calms rage, anger and helps us transform negative emotions into the pure joy of life.

Carnelian at the Village Rock Shop:

How to use it: in case of a prolonged depression, the best is to wear it as jewelry to enjoy its energy for a longer period. Carnelian spheres and hearts can be also placed in our homes, or at our work desks.

2. Smoky Quartz Crystal to Dissipate Suicidal Thoughts

This crystal is known as one of the most powerful purifying and grounding stones. It soothes fear, apathy, and anxiety and helps us to keep our energy level uplifted.

It can be an excellent aid to complement the treatment of depression or repetitive suicidal thoughts.

Smoky Quartz at the Village Rock Shop:

How to use it: this powerful crystal is extensively used by energy healers and can be an excellent tool for meditation. It can be worn as jewelry or carried in a pocket or purse to act as a protective shield.

3. Lepidolite to Cope with Depression

Lepidolite is a beautiful lilac stone known as one of the best crystals for depression. It can dissipate negative thoughts and feelings and brings balance to those who tend to be excessively worried.

Lepidolite can be an efficient aid in dealing with depression by awakening self-confidence and self-care.

Lepidolite at the Village Rock Shop:

  • Raw and tumbled Lepidolite
  • Lepidolite hearts
  • Lepidolite jewelry

How to use it: it can be used for meditation, wear Lepidolite jewelry to benefit from its comforting energy, place it in your bedroom to resonate with its soothing energy while you rest.

4. Jasper to Help With Anxiety

Widely recognized as the "supreme nurturer", Jasper can be excellent support through difficult times. Jasper can be found in various colors, all beautiful and vibrant. This gentle stone promotes courage, dynamism, and self-confidence. Jasper dispels any kind of negativity and awakens the joy of life.

It is an excellent stone for those who are dealing with depression, helping them learn to accept, appreciate and enjoy the present moment.

Jasper at the Village Rock Shop:

How to use it: wear Jasper jewelry, to benefit from its grounding energies during your day. Use Jasper palm stones for meditation and relaxation.

5. Obsidian to Dispel Emotional Negativity

This black beauty is a powerful, protective stone, it can be a valuable help against emotional negativity.

It promotes inner strength and clarity of mind that can help to overcome the signs of depression.

Obsidian at the Village Rock Shop:

How to use it: Obsidian can be worn as jewelry to benefit from its protective energy. Obsidian spheres and hearts can be placed in our homes or at our workplaces. It can be also efficiently used for meditation, it is considered one of the best manifestation stones.

6. Angel Aura to Help with Loneliness

This soft crystal is also known as Opal Aura. It's one of the best crystals to use when we feel down, lonely, and unloved.

Angel Aura helps us to lift our spirit and transform any kind of negativity by elevating our vibration.

Angel Aura at the Village Rock Shop:

  • Tumbled Angel Aura
  • Angel Aura clusters
  • Angel Aura points
  • Angel Aura hearts
  • Angel aura jewelry

How to use it: the best way to benefit from its pure, elevated energy is to use it in mediations and energy healing sessions. Angel Aura towers and clusters can be placed in our homes. The crystal's beautiful appearance makes it an excellent choice for jewelry.

7. Citrine's Uplifting Energy To Transform Sadness

When we feel down and sad we definitely need Citrine's uplifting energy. This bright yellow crystal brings enthusiasm, optimism, motivation, and joy.

It is the perfect stone for those who struggle with depression, and have suicidal thoughts, helping them to find the meaning of their lives, and appreciate and enjoy life again.

Citrine at the Village Rock Shop:

  • Raw Citrine points
  • Tumbled Citrine
  • Citrine towers
  • Double terminated Citrine
  • Citrine jewelry

How to use it: carry with you in your pocket or purse, wear it as jewelry to benefit from its joyful energy. Double terminated Citrine Crystals are used for energy healing sessions.

8. Malachite To Release Past Traumas

This beautiful green stone is valued since ancient times. Energy healers use it because it can be a great aid in balancing mood swings.

It is a healing stone for the emotional level, that can help us to release past traumas. Malachite is excellent for those who struggle with depression, it brings acceptance and peace.

Malachite at the Village Rock Shop:

How to use it: wear it, of course, its vibrant blue color makes it ideal for unique jewelry pieces. Malachite spheres and hearts can be used as beautiful home decoration elements.

9. Clear Quartz to Transform All Kinds of Negativity

The "master healer" Clear Quartz Crystal is often paired with other crystals and stones to enhance their properties. According to crystal therapists Clear Quartz Crystal balances and regenerates our being on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It is a powerful cleansing and balancing crystal and it can be used paired with other stones to help those who are coping with depression

Clear Quartz Crystals at the Village Rock Shop:

How to use it: it is one of the most versatile crystals, it's extensively used for energy healing sessions, Reiki, and meditations. It's a basic element of crystal grids.

10. Tiger's Eye To Release Anxiety

When we feel down and in need of a power boost, this golden-brown stone is the best choice. It can help us release anxiety, self-doubt, and insecurity.

Tiger's Eye awakens self-confidence, dynamism, and optimism.

Tiger's Eye at the Village Rock Shop:

How to use it: there are amazing Tiger's Eye jewelry pieces on the market, wearing them is one of the simplest ways to benefit from its energy.

Carry tumbled Tiger's Eye in your pocket, or use them for meditation.

Tiger's Eye spheres or hearts can be used as beautiful home decoration elements.