Angelite Tower - small

Angelite Tower - small

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As its name suggests, Angelite facilitates resonance with the angelic realms. This beautiful light blue stone emanates a gentle, nurturing energy. Healers use this crystal to connect with spirit guides, deepen attunement with higher dimensions, heighten inner perception, and stimulate healing. Angelite activates the Throat Chakra, alleviating throat inflammation and balancing the thyroid and the parathyroids.

Beneficial influences of the Angelite Tower:

  • helps awaken awareness
  • brings peace and tranquility
  • enhances communication
  • blocks negativity
  • enhances creativity
  • facilitates astral travel
  • strengthens the aura
  • dispels fear
  • controls anger
  • reduces anxiety
  • encourages forgiveness
  • promotes compassion
  • aids spiritual inspiration
  • supports weight control
  • activates psychic abilities
  • tempers emotions

Note: All Angelite Towers are unique. You will receive an Angelite Tower similar to the ones posted in the image.

Size: approximately 2x1 inches.

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