What is the difference between a crystal point and a crystal tower?

Crystal points can occur naturally or as a result of mining. Crystals can also be cut and polished to this shape. Natural crystal points have points on one side or on both sides, which is a sharply defined spike of the crystal. Natural crystal points are often polished to sharpen, repair, or emphasize their terminations. Crystal points can be found in all sizes from tiny to large ones.

Different shape, similar properties

Natural crystal points direct the crystal’s energy through one or both ends, through the tip, being very useful for channeling energy for various purposes such as energy healing, cleansing, or activating a grid. Crystal points reveal which direction the energy flows within a crystal, channeling the energy to a specific direction. Crystal points and towers are powerful natural tools for spiritual practices, energy healing sessions, and space cleansing.

Crystal tower generators are cut, polished, and shaped crystal points with 6 or 8 sides and a flat end for it to stand. Crystal towers can be cut and polished into this shape or made from natural crystal points by cutting the bottom to a flat base to stand.

Crystal towers concentrate and focus their energy in one specific direction. Due to their property to focus and emit the energy from their tip, tower generators are practical tools for manifestation rituals. Use a tower generator whenever you need mental clarity, focus, and concentration during your study, work, or meditation. Crystal tower generators also come in different sizes, from short to large ones.

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