Lapis Lazuli Tower

Lapis Lazuli Tower

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The Lapis Lazuli  Towers amplify and emit high vibrational energies, concentrate, and focuse the energy in one specific direction, therefore can be used as a powerful tool for meditation and manifestation. When a Lapis Lazuli tower is used as the central stone in crystal grids, it gathers the other crystals‘ energies and emits them in one specific direction. It can be an impressive addition to your altar, meditation space, or bedroom.

Note: All Lapis Lazuli tower generators vary, there are no two alike. You will receive a tower generator similar to the ones in this image.

Lapis Lazuli tower's properties:

  • opens the Third Eye
  • stimulates Enlightenment
  • releases stress
  • brings peace
  • harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels
  • brings deep inner-self knowledge
  • enhances intuition
  • boosts the immune system
  • eases insomnia
  • purifies the blood
  • brings harmony and peace
  • focuses high vibrational energy in one specific direction
 Approximately 2.5x1 inches

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