What are crystal towers used for?

Crystal tower generators concentrate their energy in one specific direction, amplify energies, aid in setting and manifesting intentions. Wherever crystal towers are placed, they emit and focus their energies in intense energy flow. Because of their shape, these tower generators are used for various purposes:

Crystal tower generators for energy healing and crystal therapy

Energy healers and Reiki practitioners use crystal tower generators for cleansing, healing, and balancing purposes. These crystal tools can help them direct a powerful energy flow to a certain area of the body, to reflexology points or to a chakra. 
Some of the best energy towers for healing sessions:

Crystal towers for space cleansing and better feng shui

Crystal tower generators are also used to purify the energy field of a particular room, for example, before energy healing sessions, spiritual ceremonies, yoga, or meditation. The focused energy of these towers can harmonize and balance the environment.
Crystal towers for space cleansing:

Crystal towers for workspace

It is an excellent option to place crystal towers in your workspace, on shelves, windowsills, or your work desk. Because of its shape, a crystal tower will provide intense and focused energy enhancing the ability to concentrate on your tasks and be more productive at work.
Recommended crystal towers for workspace:

Crystal tower generators for yoga or meditation practices

Keep crystal towers nearby whenever you meditate or practice yoga. They can be powerful tools that will aid in your spiritual growth, bring wisdom, increase inspiration, intuition and awaken psychic abilities.
Recommended crystal tower generators for yoga and meditation:

Crystal towers are the best centerpieces in crystal grids

Crystal tower generators are the most effective centerpieces for crystal grids. These powerful crystal tools gather, store, amplify and emit, focusing in one direction, the energy of the other crystals placed in the grid.
Recommended crystal towers for crystal grids: