Hemimorphite Tower
Hemimorphite Tower

Hemimorphite Tower

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Hemimorphite is a protective stone, efficient against negative thoughts and manipulation. White Hemimorphite can balance the right and left brain hemispheres, alleviating dyslexia. It resonates with the Throat Chakra stimulating our willingness to share who we are. The stone is helpful in tense situations dissipating anger and jealousy and can aid in controlling behavior. Hemimorphite calms the emotional body, allowing us to embrace our emotions compassionately and lovingly.

Beneficial influences of the Hemimorphite Tower:

  • releases resentment or anger
  • heals karmic ties
  • promotes emotional ease
  • aids dysfunctional relationships
  • confers mental sharpness
  • supports self-development
  • amplifies inner strength
  • encourages taking responsibility for our happiness
  • stimulates opening ourselves to giving and receiving love

Note: All Hemimorphite Towers are unique in their own way, there are no two alike. You will receive one Hemimorphite Tower that is similar to the ones in the images posted.

Size: approximately 2.5x1 inches.

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