How do crystal towers work?

A crystal's shape is the external expression of the mineral's atomic structure. Depending on their structure and shape - natural or cut and polished - crystals have specific properties. Tower generator crystals are crystals with six facets, all facets meeting in a point at the top of the crystal.

While crystal clusters spread their energies in many directions, the crystal towers concentrate and focus the energy in one specific direction. A crystal tower generator's energy is directed upward and out in a concentrated energy flow.

Wherever you place them, they will emit a focused and directional energy that infuses the area around, energizing and recharging crystals and crystal jewelry that are nearby. Crystal towers work great for channeling energy; therefore, they are excellent tools for setting intentions and manifestation.

Typical uses of crystal towers

Due to their shapes and structure, crystal towers can be used for various purposes. Whenever you need a crystal that emits sharp, focused energy in an intended direction, crystal tower generators are your go-to crystal tools.

  • When placed in a crystal grid, it will concentrate and focus the energy of the crystals to a specific direction depending on the grid's purpose.
  • Displaying a tower in each corner of a room will create a vortex of high vibration energy.
  • Whenever you need to calm down and improve your mental focus, meditate for a few minutes holding your crystal tower. It will help you reset and feel more energized.
  • Display crystal towers in your workspace due to their sharp and direct energy flow; they have the ability to help you focus on your tasks.
  • The most common uses of crystal towers are energy cleansing and spiritual healing.¬†Crystal towers are excellent tools for those who work with energy healing because they attract and emit energy in a specific area of the body or a chakra.

To enhance the efficiency of a crystal tower, program it with a purpose by communicating your intention and goal to the crystal tower.