Black Tourmaline Tower

Black Tourmaline Tower

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Size: approximately 3.5x1 inches. Sizes slightly vary.

This rather extraordinary stone is the perfect gift for anyone who loves crystals and wants to gain back their sense of power. Black tourmaline is a powerful protective stone. It can clear off negative energy of any kind, including electromagnetic radiation, and can help you maximize the positive energy in your life.

Black tourmaline:

  • is used for protection
  • is grounding
  • increases vitality
  • disperses tension and stress
  • clears negative thoughts
  • brings inspiration
  • activates the root chakra
  • helps us feel secure and safe
  • is good for purification
  • disperses anger and the feeling of unworthiness
  • helps us be more daring
  • gives mental fortitude
  • can protect from spells
  • gives us determination
  • brings success and a positive attitude
  • enhances concentration
  • is the perfect aid in meditation
  • brings good luck
  • helps us be more optimistic
  • brings balance and peace
  • can calm panic attacks
  • dispels worry
  • is comforting
  • is an aphrodisiac
  • is helping when we feel drained
  • is a good aid in any debilitating disease
  • can ease arthritis pain
  • can help in treating paranoia
  • dissolves dense energy by bringing a higher vibration
  • is a good aid in dyslexia
  • it can form a protective shield around the body
  • balances all the chakras
  • attracts prosperity
  • teaches us tolerance and compassion
  • encourages objectivity
  • brings clarity

Note: All gemstones are unique in their own way, there are no two alike. You will receive 1 crystal that is similar to the ones in the images posted.

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