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8 Healing Stones to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Stress, for most of us, is an inevitable part of our lives. Our job, relationships, and financial problems can cause stress. Stress can affect everything we do, think or feel. It can also affect our body functions. Signs of stress include sweating, difficulty of concentrating, eating and sleeping problems.

Efficient Stress Management in Daily Life

Stress can cause serious illness if it isn't relieved. An early recognition of the symptoms of stress is essential. It will help to figure out ways of coping and save us from adopting unhealthy coping methods, such as drinking or smoking, leading to dangerous addictions. There is not much we can do to prevent stress, but there are things we can do to manage it more efficiently, like admiring the beauty of nature, lighting scented candles or burn some incense, using essential oils, listening to relaxing music, doing yoga and meditating, practicing relaxation techniques. There is no quick-fix cure for stress-related problems, and not the same method will work for everyone.

Stress Relieving with Crystals and Gemstones

There are different crystals serving different purposes, and some of them can relieve stress efficiently. You're probably thinking now: how on Earth carrying a stone with me supposed to help to calm down in times of pressure and stress? It may sound strange for some, but crystals have been used since ancient times for their calming and healing properties. With the following 8 stones we will have less stress and more harmony in our daily life:

Amethyst- is our savior on days we feel that everything is going wrong. This beautiful crystal dispels negativity from our being while simultaneously attracts positive vibes. Amethyst crystals can create an energetic shield to protect us from negative energies.

Blue Lace Agate- situations where communication with others is severely lacking, and tension is high, can be very stressful. Blue Lace Agate is incredibly efficient in overcoming communication difficulties and misunderstandings. It can relieve all the anxiety that tensed situations bring.

Rose Quartz - it is the crystal of unconditional love; self-love or love toward others. Self-care and compassion are very important during stressful times, and RRose Quartz serves as a reminder for this.

Clear Quartz - is here to help us find the inner sense of peace we need so much in times of distress and tension. Clear Quartz is often referred to as the master healer crystal.

Black Tourmaline - is a great crystal to include in meditations because of its balancing nature. Holding one in our palm during meditation can work as a reminder to release tensions from our bodies.

Sodalite - is often referred to as the stone of peace, helps to calm the mind and ease panic attacks. This blue beauty is very helpful in preventing us from becoming overly wound up and emotional. It stimulates self-confidence and self-expression.

Lepidolite - is one of the most effective crystals for relieving anxiety. It naturally contains lithium, which is used in anti-anxiety medication. This gentle stone brings balance in stressful periods. We should use it during meditation, holding a piece in each of our hands to bring harmony and comfort.

Shungite - helps relieve anxiety and insomnia. It is a very old, ancient healing stone. It also helps to get rid of negative energies and negative feelings while attracting peaceful energies.

Find Crystals with Amazing Properties at the Village Rock Shop

At Village Rock Shop you can find a wide variety of these magnificent crystals and gemstones. Take your time in selecting the crystals for you. Let your heart, and intuition guide you. If you have no experience with crystals let us know and we will gladly assist you in finding the best crystals and gemstones for yourself or for a loved one. Keeping a crystal in your pockets or wearing a jade bracelet is not going to relieve all of your stress forever, but along with other helpful coping mechanisms, crystals can be a great addition in stress management.