Shungite Pebble Pendant
Shungite Pebble Pendant

Shungite Pebble Pendant

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Shungite is a rare, ancient mineraloid that doesn't crystalize and can be made of up to 98% carbon. It is a very soft stone, beneficial for protection from EMFs and psychic protection. The healing properties of Shungite come from its rare carbon mineral foundation: it contains trace amounts of fullerenes - microscopic, hollow molecules composed entirely of carbon, scientifically proven to protect against EMF radiation.

Benefits of wearing the Shungite Pebble Pendant:

  • cleanses and aligns all particles in the body
  • has strong purifying, cleansing, and detoxifying properties
  • clears the body of any dysfunctional patterns
  • blocks negativity
  • aids emotional difficulties
  • accelerates resolution of problems
  • promotes full body healing
  • soothes insomnia
  • boosts overall energy level
Shungite Pebble Pendant is made of genuine Shungite, its approximate size is 1 inch, and its shapes may vary.

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