What is the difference between Elite and Regular Shungite?

Shungite is a black stone found only in Karelia, Russia. There are two or three types of Shungite, depending on the source, based on the stones' carbon content: Elite Shungite, Black, and Gray Shungite.

In 1996, Sir Harold Kroto, Robert Curl, and Richard Smalley won a Nobel Prize for their discovery of fullerenes. Shungite is the only known stone that has fullerenes or hollow molecular carbon cages in its unique structure. There are three main types of Shungite available on the market. The main difference between the Shungite types is their organic carbon content. Other sources mention only two types of Shungite: the Elite and the Regular Shungite.

The three types of Shungite

Certain sources mention three types of Shungite: Elite, Black, or Gray Shungite, while others only two types Elite and Regular. The Black and Gray Shungite are both Regular Shungites and the Gray Shungite has the lowest carbon content.

1. Elite or Noble Shungite is the highest quality Shungite. It contains over 90% of carbon. It is a rare black stone with a silvery shiny appearance, and it's very fragile. Due to its high carbon content, this type of Shungite has the most powerful benefits in healing and EMF protection.

2. Black Shungite or Petrovsky Shungite contains 75-50% carbon; it has a deep black color, similar to coal.  Black Shungite is industrially mined, and due to its composition - carbon, other minerals, and chemical elements - can be cut in various shapes and polished.

3. Gray Shungite contains only 50-30% carbon, it has a dark gray color. It can be cut and polished in any shape. A wide variety of products are made from Black or Gray Shungite including Shungite bowls, plates, pyramids, spheres, cubes, towers, phone stands, flat pocket stones, skincare products, and jewelry.

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