Shungite Soap Bars With Antibacterial Properties

Since its discovery, Shungite mesmerized with its mysterious properties. As the black stones' popularity started to grow, it drew the attention of scientists. Shungite was described in a book published in 1792 for the first time "Journey to Lakes Onega, Ladoga and Ilmen" by Nikolai Ozeretskovski. Professor Inostrantsev published in 1877 the first scientific work about this mysterious black stone, called "The newest member of the group of amorphous carbons" followed by another work in 1886 called "More about Shungite". He was the one who named the mineral Shungite after the Shunga village where it was found.

In the following years, the Academy of Sciences of Karelia published other comprehensive scientific studies, including:

  • Karelian Shungites by Pyotr Borisov in 1956
  • Shungites of Karelia and ways of its comprehensive research by V. Sokolov and Y. Kalinin in 1975 and 1982
  • Shungite the new carbon material by V. Solovov in 1984

Groundbreaking Scientific Study in the U.S. About Shungite

Another important study about Shungite was realized in the US by Robert Curl, Richard Smalley of the Rice University and Harold Kroto of the University of Sussex, England. The research started at the beginning of the 1990s and resulted in the discovery of a unique structure of carbon inherent in Shungite - fullerenes. The three scientists received the Nobel prize in Chemistry in 1996. Other scientific researches followed their work that investigated the mineral and proved its amazing properties and some scientists stated that Shungite contains almost all the elements of the periodic table.

Shungite in Cosmetic and Healthcare Products

Shungite is efficiently used in the cosmetic industry. Beauty products that contain Shungite have also in their composition vitamins, essential oils and other natural ingredients.

Shungite is used for a wide array of cosmetic and healthcare products, including:

  • natural soap bars
  • haircare products
  • skincare products
  • anti-aging products
  • cream balm for pain and inflammation
  • gel for closed soft tissue injuries
  • venotonic balm for legs
  • cream balm for allergies and eczema

Natural Shungite Soaps at the Village Rock Shop

Using natural soap based on Shungite helps to:

  • rejuvenate the skin
  • cleanse and detoxify the skin
  • relieves inflammation, rashes of sensitive skin
  • heals dermatological diseases -allergies, eczemas

The handmade all-natural Shungite soap that you can find at the Village Rock Shop is an excellent skincare product. The Shungite soap bars have antibacterial and antiviral properties and it can remove up to 97% of bacteria from the skin. At the Village Rock Shop our customers will find Shungite soap bars made with traditional methods that contain only natural ingredients:

  • Shungite powder
  • olive oil soap base
  • premium essential oils
  • herbs

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