Shungite Pyramid - small

Shungite Pyramid - small

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The Shungite pyramid combines the benefits of the mineral and the pyramid's shape. Shungite is a mineral with a particular structure that makes it possible to absorb and neutralize the EMFs; hollow molecular carbon cages called Fullerenes. Shungite Pyramid protects from Wi-Fi, TV, PC, microwave ovens, cell phone towers, high voltage power lines, and EMFs of other devices. It has been proven that a pyramid has various benefits; it regenerates the natural flow of energy in the body and harmonizes the environment.

Benefits of using the Shungite Pyramid:

  • absorbs and transforms harmful EMF radiations
  • elevates energetic frequency
  • minimizes cell phone's EMF radiations
  • helps to achieve your goals faster in a harmonious way
  • it is an excellent tool for manifesting techniques
  • deepens meditations
  • harmonizes the environment
Approximately 1.25x1 inches pyramid made of authentic Shungite ordered directly from the Russian mine. It contains 60% carbon, offers protection against harmful EMFs.

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