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Thursday, 12-6-18

Thursday, 12-6-18.

New Moon today- actually tonight at 11:20 pm.

Our Earth's Moon is now in Sagittarius' house, where she will spend some of her most joyful days of her monthly journey through the Zodiac. Why is she happy? Because Sagittarians are a very entertaining group to the fickle Moon- They talk loud, they laugh, they do some crazy stuff, and she just loves the action! So for this transit get some of that fun going which brings new ideas and an opportunity to lighten up and enjoy an adventurous spirit- Gemini is on the exact other end of this see-saw and gets multiple benefits as well-so take advantage of the fun side of life during this transit while it lasts, because come Saturday the Moon says bye-bye to Sagittarius and heads to a more conventional Capricorn orb. The Moon is quite comfortable there though, because it a secure destination, and she gets into the light again. She moves toward the full moon coming up on the 22nd in its own Cancer the Crab sign where if you have been saving up your woes it's the perfect place to let out all those emotions, which will soon be forgotten as Leo is right around the corner. Don't try to give your pet a bath under the Leo Moon.