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If you're a Virgo, and if you have a minute, (haha- does anyone know a Virgo who has a minute?) you might be interested to know that on Thursday at 3:08 am the Moon will be entering the Constellation of Virgo until Saturday at 6:48am.
I'll try to get to the point in 30 seconds or less.

There's no one who tops a Virgo for being busy- when there's nothing to do a Virgo will be busy- busy busy busy! However, when the Moon enters Virgo, which it usually does twice a month, it kind of puts a yellow light up - no, not red- there are no red lights in the life of a Virgo- and don't try to put one up-a waste of time, won't work.
They don't stop so the Moon gets an "E" ride while Virgo wonders what's slowing everything down? (Disney rides start with "A" rides being the easiest and "E" rides the most wild and crazy fast).
Now since the Moon represents feelings, emotions, and that kind of stuff, Virgos hosting the Moon are terrified as to what to do under this circumstance. What to do with people bothering them with discussions about love and romance and fantasies-well virgotitos, at some point, even if it's only twice a month, look at your inner goings on-the Moon gives you the light to do so- listen to someone who is trying to get a clue as to how you feel--not think-- feel- how do you feel, what do you feel? It's a good time to slow down and express an emotion or two.
No, you don't have to stop, just slow down a bit and let the poor Moon do her job.


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