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Saturday, 12/01/2018: Well now the Moon has moved on to Libra, in that Constellation until Monday at 10:15am.
She absolutely collapses on Libra's soft velvety cushy sofa and settles in for a long nap after her trip through Virgo country. Once revived, Libra Moon takes a look do things look? Libra is very concerned with beauty, she can't help herself-(ruled by Venus the Goddess of Beauty)-loves stuff to look nice, be nice, and stay nice. So, when Moon is in Libra she's happy cause Venus is also the Goddess of
?Love and appreciates the compliance.
Together they dance off to Fantasia and create the loveliest of scenarios. Moon in Libra is a fine time to enjoy life, love, nature and companionship. It is also a good time to give your pet a bath-