Sage Uses for House Cleansing

May 16th 2020

Most people do not know that there are several species of the genus Salvia, all known as sage. One of the most commonly used herbs in any household is the Salvia officinalis, the garden sage. There are distinct types of sage that can be used for smudging, the most common is the white sage or Salvia Apiana. Also known as Californian white sage or sacred sage, this is one of the best herbs for smudging practices.

Indigenous tribes from all over the world, including Native Indian tribes used herbs during their rituals for various purposes. One of the most common herbs for smudging practices is the sage. Sage smudging was used to clean a certain space, to expel negative energies, it was also used before rituals or healing sessions to create a sacred ambiance. It's proven that sage smudging can improve the quality of the air in a room by reducing bacteria, pollen, mold, or pet dander. Smudging sprays work just as well as the traditional smudging, without the smoke. For those who are sensitive to smoke, the best alternative is the sage smudging spray.

Sage Smudging Kits at the Village Rock Shop

In our shop, we have only top quality, carefully sourced products and for smudging practices, we offer organic Californian White Sage. Our handmade smudging kits are all-natural. To enhance the effects of the sage we mix it with rose petals, other cleansing spiritual herbs, and carefully selected crystals. When you move into a new house, it is essential to perform a house clearing procedure if you do not want to take on the energies of the previous renter or owner. The smudging kits you'll find at the Village Rock Shop are ideal housewarming gifts if you have a friend or a family member who just moved into a new house.

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