Sage Smudging for Removing Negative Energy

May 18th 2020

Sage smudging is one of the most effective traditional methods of cleansing an individual, a group of people, or a space, and it has been used for centuries. The primary focus of burning sage is the intention of removing negative energies and to cleanse a space, person, or object. Sage smudging should be performed in the most commonly used areas. This can include your home, your workspace, and even your car.

Especially when you move into a new home or buy a new car, sage smudging can be effective in clearing it from any kind of unwanted energies. Sage smudging has been a traditional practice in many cultures and religions around the world. For centuries sage smudging was used to create a "sacred" smoke to purify the energies of the aura or to create a sacred energy field in a ceremonial space. When we want to remove unwanted negative energies, it is important to manifest and maintain a clear, focused intention before and during the smudging procedure.

Expel the Negative Energies with Sage Smudging

Most people think that smudging is a complex ritual that can be practiced only by an experienced person. However, sage smudging performed to clear your house, or yourself is simple and easy to learn. You will find it relaxing and uplifting, especially when you're feeling down, drained, stuck, or weak because of accumulated negative energies.

There are different sage species used for smudging, including:

  • Garden sage
  • Mountain sage
  • Desert sage
  • White sage

Did you know that throughout the Middle Ages, sage was so valued that it was called Sage Salvatrix - Sage the savior? In our shop, you'll find only carefully sourced organic sage for smudging practices.

Sage Smudging Bundles at the Village Rock Shop

Sage smudging neutralizes the positive charged harmful ions and releases negative ions into the atmosphere. Positive ions accumulated due to any form of tension, fear, anxiety, anger causes energy blocks. Once the sage is burned, the smoke that emanates transforms the positive ions back to negative ones, and therefore, it cleanses the atmosphere.

We offer organic Californian White Sage mixed with dried rose petals and crystals. These all-natural smudging bundles have a pleasant fragrance and can be an exceptional gift for a housewarming or any other special occasion.

You can also treat yourself with a hand-made, all-natural Self Care Set that contains, scented candles and an organic Californian white sage bundle combined with crystals and dried roses. Burn the sage bundle and light the candles to create a harmonious ambiance where you can relax or meditate. This is what I call the perfect self-care ritual.