Office Gifts for Father's Day

June 05th 2020

We spend almost half of our day at work, or even more. When we work in an office we are constantly surrounded by electric devices: phones, laptops, computers, tablets. It is known that these devices emit electromagnetic radiation. Long-term exposure to EMFs has been linked to the development of several chronic diseases.

Feng Shui consultants recommend having natural crystals in the office to neutralize these harmful energies and create a pure energy field in our workspace. When we decorate our office with natural crystals and gemstones, we create an empowering and inspiring work environment that can help us work with more energy, enthusiasm, and efficiency.

At the Village Rock Shop, we have an array of crystal products that can be used as unique interior decoration elements for even the most stylish offices.

Tower Generators

Most of our clients get fascinated by the beauty and the pure energy of the crystal towers. Natural crystal tower formations are commonly found in nature in Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Amethyst. With modern equipment, any type of crystal can be cut and polished to this formation. Crystal generators have a specific way to emit energy, they concentrate and focus the energy in one specific direction energizing the space. The large crystal towers are not only powerful tools to clean and energize the space, creating a pure, uplifting environment, but also can add a touch of elegance to any office.

Crystal Tower Generators for Father's Day at the Village Rock Shop:

Crystal Skulls for Office Decor

The ancient Crystal Skulls have a controversial story and many indigenous tribes around the world have their myths and legends about Clear Quartz Crystal skulls. Stone workers make contemporary crystal skulls from various stones and these skulls-shaped stones have increasing popularity. These skulls are created with modern equipment from a single piece of stone. Most of them are created from Clear Quartz Crystals, but they can be created from almost any type of stones. In our shop, you can find a wide variety of skulls made from stones with powerful balancing, protective properties.
The beautifully crafted crystal skulls made of special stones are ideal gifts for crystal enthusiasts:

  • Rhodonite crystal skull
  • Ocean Jasper crystal skull
  • Agate crystal skull
  • Lotus Jasper crystal skull

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are popular interior decor elements. These lamps not only serve as natural sources of light and aesthetic home decor items. Different sources affirm that Himalayan salt chunks with a light source inside can clean the air in a room.

Cell phones, laptops, computers, TVs constantly emit electromagnetic radiation. Himalayan salt lamps are powered by low-wattage bulbs that consume an insignificant amount of energy. Therefore, there are environmentally friendly indoor light sources, with warm, relaxing orange light.

At the Village Rock Shop, you'll find Himalayan salt lamps in unique shapes: