An Introduction to Reiki Healing and Its Benefits

April 08th 2019

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing. The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words - Rei which means "Universal Life Force" and Ki which means "Energy." These phrases combined are "universal life force energy." The practice of Reiki is a healing modality which aims to channel this energy through a practitioners hands and transmit it to the client.

What Are the Benefits of a Reiki Healing Treatment?

Reiki helps relieves stress and give an overall feeling of wellbeing. It is also known to assist in relaxation and pain relief. Reiki energy goes wherever the body needs it to go, in order to begin the healing process. It manifests a feeling of balance within the body, mind, and spirit.

What to Expect During a Reiki Treatment?

During an in-person treatment, the practitioner will ask the client to lie down on a massage table, close their eyes, and focus on breathing deeply. The session begins when the practitioner places or hovers both hands above certain parts of the body, beginning with the head and moving all the way down to the feet. The client may experience shifts in heat or cold on areas treated or different tingling sensations. The duration of a session at Village Rock Shop is typically around 30-45 minutes.

What Does a Practitioner Bring to a Reiki Treatment?

The client may experience the following:

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