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Full Moon February 19th 2019 Astrological Concepts

Hi Everyone, we'll start with Virgo this month because the Full Moon falls in that constellation sign on February 19th at 3:55 pm, PST.

VIRGO:Virgo is tied to Pisces as it's opposite sign, thereby giving space, as in a straw effect, for a bit of Pisces influence when the light of the moon is full and strong. This means that you, Virgo, may be feeling somewhat more forgiving and gentle this transit. So don't be alarmed, you're not losing any of your natural inclinations-this is a four week or so when you can decide what you are actually ready to sacrifice for a long term compromise- no one will understand this message but you, so keep your own counsel -

LIBRA: This 30 day period finds you in a behind the scenes or background position to help someone secretly. This help does good but for which you would rather not go public or take credit -a type of anonymous kindness. It's a good thing-

SCORPIO: You are inspired by this Full Moon to be more social than usual- you're coming out of a dark period and deciding to enjoy the light of a new day, and a new promise of moving forward toward positive thoughts and feelings and actions! With this vision of the future you can accomplish a lot in the next few weeks-in other words, plan out your wishes for this year, go with confidence and your energy will get you there if you use it now-

SAGITTARIUS: This Full Moon is a bit intimidating for you because you want to shake off a responsibility that is holding you back from just getting away from everything-it may be time for you to arrange a break for yourself, even for a short time-Anything you can think of that will amuse you for at least a few hours-I'll leave it there-I know you like to travel, how about a ride downtown and back on the Coaster?

CAPRICORN: Moon in Virgo, another earth sign like yourself, is one of your best chances to move forward with your vision of your future. You can accomplish an actual plan in writing, with dates and graphs, and directions leading to success! You have full on moon energy now, so might as well use it-

AQUARIUS: Decide what your priorities are now, and don't let anyone dissuade you. This is a stand firm time for your ideals and future for your happiness-be honest with yourself as to what that really means to you-and do it your way-like Ole Blue Eyes-

PISCES: Well, your steering the ship now, and time to turn the wheel in the direction of common sense. Renew your spent energy by taking control of your emotions and think ahead; practical is the secret word-

ARIES: This is a good time to slow down and regroup-look at what's happening and see if you're ready to bring some things to an end which are no longer of beneficial to your life. Clear the air you breathe-

TAURUS: Have you felt a surge of energy lately? This is a time you can probably move a little faster on issues that are important to you; this includes attention to finances-any room for some fun there?

GEMINI: Looks like a good time to tend to home matters- Buy? Sell? Fix up? Refinance? Move? Don't move? You pick-it's just seems to be getting that area of your life in perfect order now will be easier to do it sooner than later- The Full Moon is in your Fourth House that's why! In case you're asking-

CANCER THE CRAB: This is one of the best Full moons for you- get your ducks in a row now and you may see a road to getting something you've wanted for a long while- be aware this can be an overdoing eating and drinking time, so watch what you eat and keep your wits about you-

LEO: Now is your opportunity to relax a bit and not pressure yourself to get everything done at once-take it easy for the next few weeks because last months Full Moon and eclipses in Leo was particularly energizing for your sign- so take a well deserved break and enjoy life in the slow lane for a minute or two.....relax,eh-

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