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Astrological Concepts for 2019 by Tany


There is no one in the entire Zodiac that will make more resolutions and ambitions than Aries on January 1st! They are out to conquer the world of fame and fortune, in equal distribution-and they may do just that!!


Taurus will spend a great deal of time informing Aries that they, Aries, are totally absurd. Taurus will continue to resolve to set the highest standards of hard work and steady lifestyle for all in their realm; no matter that everyone interprets this behavior as just plain stubbornness.


Gemini's are resolving to live and let live. They are on a binge this year to get themselves back on track to being a free-spirited person and resolve to take a class on How to Say No -101. They wish for everyone to stop bothering them.


The Moon Child is tired of being the child. They are also tired of the Moon's reputations they have inherited, being the most changeable and emotional human on the planet. Nope, this year Moon child resolves to stick to the one thing they want to accomplish as soon as they figure out what that might be.


Don't mess with Leo this year. They are resolving to prove that they are indeed the lion's roar! And who does Aries think they are anyway? Leo is determined to discover new ways to improve everything that seems old fashioned at this point. They are on a mission to reconstruct something new from everything old.


Virgos have constant resolutions, so New Years ones are just another day at the office. Being one of these hard-working earth signs, their daily resolutions are those involving how to get it all done in a day and half of night, with no interruptions. Basically, Virgos are ready for a door to open - and it will! Watch February for upcoming swinging doors.


Libra is resolving to make life easier this year-seems Libra's just don't have time to relax, although this is their real goal in life - there's always something or someone that needs their immediate attention. Libra's need to enroll in the class, How to Make Excuses for Every Occasion - 101. We say excuses because Libras have to balance everything- what goes up must come down, there's a cover for every pot, etc., so for every thought and feeling that suggests they don't want to do it, this class tells them how to get out of doing it-see. Balance. Your typical Libra will find this solution ridiculous.


This could be the year Scorpio really resolves to do that thing that has been lurking in the shadows of their minds for years-astrological speaking, those shadows are about to dissolve into the light of daybreak and get lighter as time goes. But Scorpio is not sure how to live in so much light, so if they can start like the dawn, little by little, the shadows could disappear at the same rate. The operative word is could- if Scorpio agrees to let the shades snap up and trust the light will come through.


AYE CARAMBA!! The resolution right here and right now has to be written thusly: This is my time! and it is - That once every 12 years rotation of Jupiter has arrived in Sagittarius for one year, and you really want to make the most of it- if you have a plan for the future , step it up- if not, make a plan now- you should be seeing ahead clearly, trust your intuition! Warning: Casino activities are not included in this description- Jupiter is very much in your favor now and you might want to slow down the merry-go-round you are usually on and get your ducks in a row. Quack-Quack


A resolution list of Capricorn might be several miles long - there is always an ongoing list, but New Years' one includes Appetizers, 3 Main Courses, Deserts, and Drinks! Capricorns have some wishes that are only shared with a few close family and friends-who at this time may have good ideas and suggestions about how, when, and where Capricorn can succeed the best. But - this advice must be presented as Capricorn's original ideas as they, Capricorns, are not noted for listening to advice given.


Aquarian's resolution, singular, will be postponed until March, or possibly July - there's just too much to deal with now, let alone add on more - Nope. Aquarius lives on future plans so they will not add on to the present list, some of which are resolutions from three years ago -or even longer. Forgive Aquarians, they are visionaries.


A well-meaning Pisces will make an obligatory list of resolutions, but if you happen to be a recipient of one or more of them, please don't hold them to any foreseeable date of deliverance. Pisces are in the midst of life-changing decisions right now, and are very concerned about their own choices - the main resolution for Pisces to make now is to actually be resolute in what they really really want to do for themselves and not just to please others. It's your deal now Pisces, so make it Dealer's Choice this time.

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