Do Crystals Really Work in Relieving Stress?

May 11th 2020

We often get questions about the stress relieving properties of the crystals. Crystals fascinate many people and most of them believe that crystals can be used for healing purposes, can stimulate spiritual growth, and bring an array of positive effects. Proponents of crystal therapy consider that crystals act as conduits for healing by allowing positive energies to flow from the crystal into the body and absorb negative energies from it. For thousands of years, crystals have been utilized for healing along with other traditional practices. Crystals have been used to protect against diseases and injuries, to cure ailments, to provide emotional balance and spiritual growth. It's interesting that even if in ancient times people could not communicate as we do now using the internet, crystals and gemstones were used all over the Planet, on all continents, in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and America. The first historical references of the use of crystals come from the Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. In India, the use of healing crystals is documented in the Hindu Vedas. Crystals were highly valued and used in Japan and China.

Crystals and Scientists

Crystal therapy is a controversial subject among scientists. Although crystals are used in many products including cell phones, computers, watches, and cosmetics, when it comes to their healing and cleansing properties, most scientists are skeptical, considering that it's all about the placebo effect. Others, however, work to develop instruments and devices to measure and explain the phenomenon of crystal healing. Nikola Tesla, a worldwide recognized genius, inventor, engineer, physicist stated that all things in the universe are forms of energy with their own frequency and vibration. He considered crystals as living beings with specific energetic structures. The IBM scientist Marcel Vogel spent the last 17 years of his life doing pioneering research about quartz crystals. Among his projects were:

  • measurement of energy fields around crystals
  • therapeutic applications of crystals and crystal devices

The benefits of crystals may be poorly researched at this moment. What we know is that crystals can interact with our energy fields and influence them. These amazing stones are conductors of light, electricity, and sound and are capable to absorb an exorbitant amount of energy.

Relieve Stress with Crystals

When you need extra peace and tranquility in your stressful existence, crystals can act as efficient tools. The energy of these crystals is subtle and works in time. A lot of A-list stars and celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Dakota Johnson, and Miranda Kerr. are using crystals and gemstones, promoting their efficacy on their social media platforms. The use of the crystals has become an effective and incredibly popular form of self-care. Typically, I use for stress relief the crystals I'm drawn to. I focus on my problem and when I feel drawn to a crystal, I use and work with it for a while. Stress may not disappear from my life, but my response to it will be different.
The best stress-relieving stones are:

Crystals should be used only as potential supports to other alternative therapies. Crystal therapy cannot be considered as a replacement for professional medical care and treatment.