Blue Rose Quartz Sphere #1 - Madagascar
Blue Rose Quartz Sphere #1 - Madagascar

Blue Rose Quartz Sphere #1 - Madagascar

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Approximately 3 inches.

Blue Rose Quartz has a grey hue and it is a new found crystal from Madagascar. Blue Rose Quartz is a rare variety of rose quartz and brings unconditional love, soothig stress or tention of the heart, in love or friend relationships. Brings self love and confidence, hightens creativity and brings motivation, uplifting your Heart Chakra. 

Traditionally crystal spheres are a pure expression of of unity, integrity and completeness; and are used as powerful tools that emit harmony and positivity. The round shape allows the energy to radiate in all directions at once, making thme sphere crystals a great tool for setting intensions, mediatating, visualising and healing.

Note: You will receive the sphere posted in the image.

  • Star Rose Quartz Sphere
  • Healing and Love
  • approximately 2.5 inches

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