Where should I keep my crystal sphere?

If for small crystals and tumbled stones, we would recommend keeping them in pouches, boxes, or on display on an altar or a bowl, when it comes to crystal spheres, the situation is different. Crystal spheres have a strong effect on your energy, but they can also transform the energy that surrounds you.

Placing crystal spheres around your home will raise its vibration and fill the space with positive energy. So why hide them in a fabric pouch, box, or cabinet, when you can have them as gorgeous home décor and at the same time benefit from their amazing properties?

The best places to store your crystal sphere

Before telling you the best places to keep your crystal sphere, you should know that because of its shape, you will need to place it on a stand or ring to keep it in place. Depending on its size, you can also use egg cups, candle holders, napkin holders, a bed of rice, a fancy little cushion, or faux fur. Whatever fits your needs and style and keeps the sphere safely in its location.

Crystal spheres love being out with you, placed where you can easily see them and from where they can help you whenever is needed.

  • Crystal Spheres in Your Living Room

A living room is a place where you spend a lot of time with family, friends, and guests, so you want it to be full of life and energy. Place a crystal ball on a coffee table or on a windowsill to promote positivity, feel you energized and uplifted, and clear stagnant vibes.

  • Crystal Spheres in Your Kitchen

A kitchen is a place where you should feel inspired to nourish yourself and the dear ones around you, no matter if you cook a fancy dinner or just make a quick meal for one. Place a crystal ball in a corner on your kitchen counter or next to your cooking supplies or cookbooks to get your creative and digestive juices flowing.

  • Crystal Spheres in Your Bedroom

A bedroom is a place for relaxation, love, and restful sleep, that is why you should keep the vibes in there calming and stressless. Place a crystal sphere under the bed, on a dresser, or on the nightstand to promote peace, deep sleep, and romantic vibes.

  • Crystal Spheres in Your Office

Your office or workplace place is where you need complete focus to get things done and reach your professional goals. Place a crystal sphere on your desk to help you concentrate, keep you on track, and infuse its energy into your projects and professional endeavors.

  • Crystal Spheres in Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the place where you take relaxing and calming baths and showers, do your beauty rituals and pamper yourself, and the place where you get ready for the day. Place a crystal sphere near your shower or bathtub to cleanse yourself, inspire youthful energy, self-love and confidence.

Although keeping your crystal sphere in plain sight and benefiting from its properties is the ideal way, there is nothing wrong if you want to store it for safekeeping. Make sure that it’s not close to items that might scratch, dirty, or break it and that it is wrapped in natural materials such as paper, silk, or cotton.