How to use my crystal sphere?

A crystal sphere is a powerful tool to generate positive energy and bring balance. Its perfect round shape is the pure expression of integrity and unity. A crystal sphere is a vital energy conductor, radiating energy in all directions at the same time.

The shape of the crystal ball represents a sense of wholeness, oneness, karma, completion, and respect for the cyclical energies, while its smooth surface keeps the energy flow in a continuous movement and facilitates clear communication.

Because a crystal sphere is so powerful, it has multiple benefits and uses, such as healing, attracting positive energy, or opening the third chakra.

Basic steps of using a crystal sphere

  • Stress Reliever – When you feel stressed, your crystal sphere can eliminate the tension buildup from your body. Roll a clear quartz sphere over the body areas that feel sore, tight, or energetically blocked to benefit from the sphere’s light and positive energy.
  • Deep Meditation – you can use your crystal sphere when you want to connect to a higher power. For deep meditation, hold the sphere in your hand and focus your energy on it. Feel its weight on your palm and let yourself drop deeper into meditation. Visualize how the sphere fills your entire being with light and allow it to ground you. Relax, slow your breathing and let your mind feel calm and happy.
  • Feng Shui – why not spread the amazing benefits of a crystal ball in your entire home? Place a crystal sphere in each room in your home to promote a happier environment and raise the positive vibration of that area.
  • Creativity and Positivity at Work – you should not use your crystal sphere only at home. By placing one on your desk at work, you will not only cleanse the office of negative energy but also boost your creativity and focus. This will create a healthy work environment and help you avoid mental blockages.
  • Soil Nurturer – your garden plants can also benefit from a crystal sphere’s properties. Place one in the garden to absorb the sun's energy and nurture the soil. What better fertilizer than the healthy, positive light and energy of a crystal sphere?

No matter what crystal sphere you are looking for, at the Village Rock Shop, we have a multitude of options for you to choose from.