How to activate my crystal sphere?

If you recently bought or received a crystal sphere, it is crucial that you follow three steps to be able to benefit from its full potential and beneficial properties. The first step is to cleanse the crystal, the second step is to charge it, and the third is to activate it. This process has to be done at first to cleanse it from all the energies accumulated until it got to you, but then from time to time to purify and reactivate it.

The activation of a crystal sphere can be done in several ways. Here are a few of the frequently used techniques, each one of them equally effective.

Our 3 ways to activate your crystal sphere

Bathe the Crystal Sphere in Sunlight or Moonlight

Crystals feed on light, whether it is coming from the sun or the moon. Light is the source of energy, especially that coming from a full moon or a warm morning sun. Pay attention to the crystal the sphere is made of before placing it in the sunlight. The solar stones, those that are not damaged by sunlight, are those of orange, red, gold, and yellow colors. On the other hand, lunar stones are purple, pink, green, blue, and black. Clear crystals work well with both sunlight and moonlight. To activate the crystal sphere, simply place it outside or in a window and leave it for at least 3 hours.

Add the Sphere to a Crystal Grid

Such a grid is an arrangement of crystals that have been energetically aligned. Place the crystal sphere in the middle of a crystal grid so it can absorb the energy and frequency from the other stones. This way, your sphere will be activated with the specific intention that you used to design the geometric grid. That is why you should choose the crystals in accordance with your intention, whether it is healing, love, peace, or positive energy.

Use the Crystal Sphere in Meditation or Prayer

Breathe, connect with the sphere’s energy and visualize it in your mind’s eye. It is not set in stone how to activate your sphere through meditation and prayer. Some people meditate while holding the sphere in their hand, while others hold it in the heart center or at the third eye. Some even write on paper their intentions and place the crystal sphere on it. No matter which way you choose to activate your crystal ball, make sure you focus on activating it with the pure energy that comes from your being.

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