What are crystal spheres good for?

Crystal spheres emit energy in all directions at once, and this property makes them excellent tools for many purposes, including energy healing, environment cleansing, crystal grids, meditation, massage. Because of their appearance, crystal shapes are beautiful home decor items.

The sphere is a perfect shape and considered sacred in many cultures. It’s the expression of unity and completeness. The sphere is the most symmetrical shape; therefore, crystal spheres radiate powerful, high-vibration energy.

The most common uses of crystal spheres

1. Cleansing the environment from negative energies - crystal spheres neutralize negative energies and create a calm, harmonious atmosphere. You can harness the energy of a crystal sphere by displaying it in any space.

Best crystal spheres for space cleansing:

2. Feng Shui and home decor - according to Feng Shui, crystal spheres have unique properties as they attract:

  • love and romance when placed Southwest
  • personal growth when placed Northeast
  • creativity and originality when placed West

3. Crystal spheres for the workplace - when crystal spheres are displayed in a workplace, they radiate high-frequency energy that can help to boost productivity, improve focus and attract abundance.

Best crystal spheres to enhance productivity:

4. Crystal spheres for meditation - holding crystal spheres in your hands during meditation can enhance the effect of meditation and facilitate deep meditation states. The energy of a crystal sphere can help to expand consciousness, similar to the sphere’s energy that expands in all directions.

Recommended crystal spheres for meditation:

5. Crystal spheres for crystal grids - crystal spheres can be powerful centerpieces of crystal grids as they radiate energy in all directions.

Recommended crystal spheres for crystal grids:

6. Relaxation, stress relief, and massage - crystal spheres are perfect for massage and reflexology, as they relieve tension and soothe tight muscles when rolled over tensed areas. Massage or reflexology using crystal spheres relaxes on both physical and energetic levels.

Best crystal spheres for massage and reflexology: