White Sage Decorated with Bougainvillea Flowers

White Sage Decorated with Bougainvillea Flowers

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This arrangement features White Sage adorned with Yellow and Red Bougainvillea Flowers. For centuries, people have used smudging and herbs to purify their surroundings. These lovely floral bundles make ideal gifts for various events, especially when moving into a new home or office. They help personalize a space and infuse it with your energy. One way to achieve this is by smudging the area with a sage bundle while envisioning a complete cleansing and bringing in new, vibrant energy. You can also specify your intentions and invite them into your space.

The benefits of the White Sage Bundle with Bougainvillea Flowers:

  • promotes nurturing energy and femininity
  • has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties
  • promotes healing and balance
  • brings protection and grounding

Note: All White Sage Bundles decorated with Bougainvillea Flowers are unique; there are no two alike. You will receive one White Sage Bundle that is similar to the one in the images posted.

The white sage is from California. Do not leave it unattended while burning.

Size: approximately 4x1 inches.

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