How to cleanse my home with smudging?

The ancient practice of burning herbs and resins is one of the easiest and most effective ways to cleanse your home’s ambiance and keep it pure. You should perform smudging in the most commonly used areas of your home. Traditionally, it was used to cleanse a space before healing sessions and spiritual ceremonies. Still, you can perform it as a daily or weekly ritual to expel negative energies and attract pure ones. When done correctly and responsibly, smudging is entirely safe. You can choose from a wide variety of herbs, woods, or resins for your smudging, depending on your previously set intention. 

Cleansing your home periodically from negative energies

You can use smudging for various purposes to expel negative, stagnant energies and create a sacred space before rituals, yoga healing sessions, and a sacred ambiance. For example, Sage smudging improves the air quality in a room, reducing pollen, mold, or bacteria. The smoke of a sage bundle transforms the positive ions that come from stress, anxiety, tension, fear, anger, frustration.

Cleansing your new home or workspace before you move in is also essential if you do not want to take on the energies of the previous renter or owner.

Energy healers and spiritual practitioners cleanse their rooms before healing sessions or meditation, as smudging has been used for centuries to create a sacred space before spiritual ceremonies or meditation. Your meditation, manifesting ritual, or healing session will be more efficient if you do it in a clean ambiance.

How to do it?

Prepare everything you need for the smudging: smudging stick or bundle, matches, fan or feather, a waterproof bowl or an abalone shell to collect the ashes, a bowl filled with water or sand. With smudging, we consider that there are no right or wrong ways to perform it as long as you do it responsibly. There are several ways to perform smudging in space. We recommend following your intuition and feelings. Follow the basic steps then perform the smudging as you feel suitable for your home and situation:

  • Just light the smudging bundle and put it down in a safe place.
  • Go around each room smudging the corners, windows, and doors.
  • You can also smudge your bedroom to attract the energies of love and sensuality

To enhance the efficiency of smudging, you can set an intention before getting started. You can also pray, chant a mantra, or say an affirmation. Or, perform it in silence, interiorized and centered. It’s essential to do it as it feels right for you. During the smudging, keep the windows open, allowing the smoke and negative energies to leave your place.

Light the smudging stick, then lightly blow on the flame until it goes out and gently release smoke. Guide the smoke with your hands, a fan, or a feather into all areas of your home. Allow the smoke to drift into hidden spaces such as closets, corners, behind doors, cupboards, wardrobes; they can also hold stagnant energy. After you finish, extinguish it by lightly dubbing the bundle into sand or a fireproof dish. Never leave a lit smudging bundle unattended.

How often should I smudge my home? 

You can perform smudging to cleanse your home whenever you like; there’s no need to wait for a particular day or moon phase. You can smudge daily, weekly or monthly, whenever suitable for you. When the energy is low in your home, smudge a couple of days in a row to maximize the benefits.

What to do if I'm sensitive to smoke?

Some of our customers are sensitive to smoke, for them we recommend as the best alternative is to use smudging sprays. These sprays work just as well as the traditional smudging: