What are the best plants for smudging?

Smudging is a traditional practice of burning dried plants, wood sticks, or resins to purify and protect a space, a person, or object. When we hear about smudging, Sage and Palo Santo come to mind, but there are various other plants that can be used for smudging. Knowing the benefits of the herbs, wood sticks, or resins used for smudging, you can choose the ones that fit your needs. We recommend trying them all so that you can then choose the plants that you like for smudging and that bring you the most benefits.

Here are the most common herbs, wood sticks, or resins used traditionally for smudging:

  • Lemongrass has an energizing, refreshing scent that promotes clarity and focus.
  • Bay leaves smudging has energy-boosting properties; it brings calming, protection and healing.
  • Lavender burned in a room brings a peaceful vibe that facilitates restful sleep, and alleviates insomnia, depression, and anxiety.
  • Desert Sage smudging is performed for protection as it is believed to ward off negative energies and influences.
  • White Sage is valued for its antibacterial properties; it is used in smudging rituals by Native Americans for cleansing, healing, or spiritual purposes.
  • Palo Santo comes from South America where shamans traditionally use it to cleanse negative energy and attract prosperity.
  • Sandalwood smoke smells heavenly as it fills the air. Sandalwood smudging is used to bring grounding and stability.
  • Smudging with Cedar sticks is used to clear negative energy and attract good ones. It smells delightful.
  • Sweetgrass with a pleasant scent is one of the sacred plants of Native Americans.
  • Frankincense is burned for cleansing, healing, and spiritual purposes.
  • Myrrh resin is burned to attract stability, happiness, and spiritual transformation. It is used to purify the environment before spiritual practice or ceremony.
  • Rose petals mixed with Sage and other dried plants are burned to attract love, romance, peace and serenity to the environment.
  • In the old times, Juniper was used for smudging to cleanse temples and to prevent illness during plague outbreaks. Nowadays, it is used to regenerate the body and mind.
  • Mugwort was used traditionally to purify energies and dispel negativity.