Sage and Palo Santo Set

Sage and Palo Santo Set

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White Sage and Palo Santo are bundled together to create a complete smudging experience, allowing you to cleanse, release, and rejuvenate both your physical space and your energy. Sage has purifying properties that will clear away any lingering negative or stagnant energies accumulated in your environment. As the fragrant smoke fills the air, you can release and let go of any emotional or mental clutter that might be holding you back on productivity and well-being.

Palo Santo, with its sweet and uplifting aroma, complements this cleansing process by inviting positive energy into the newly purified space. It can uplift your spirits and bring a sense of clarity and inspiration. By combining these two sacred tools in your smudging ritual, you're effectively creating a fresh canvas for new beginnings. You can set your intentions for a harmonious and productive atmosphere, whether in your workspace or your living environment, ensuring that it aligns with your goals and aspirations. This practice of smudging with Sage and Palo Santo becomes a powerful symbolic act of renewal, allowing you to create a nurturing and supportive energy environment that encourages personal growth and positivity.

Use the White Sage and Palo Santo smudging bundle to:

  • cleanse blocked energy
  • has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties
  • promote protection and renewal
  • bring inner growth

Note: You will receive a White Sage and Palo Santo set that is similar to the one in the images posted.

Sustainable harvest.

Do not leave it unattended while burning.

Size: approximately 4x1.5 inches.

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