Sage and Cedar Bundle - large

Sage and Cedar Bundle - large

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The combination of White Sage and Cedar for smudging can bring balance and spiritual connection. White sage is known for its powerful purifying properties, while cedar has a grounding and protective quality. Together, they can effectively cleanse negative energy from your space, leaving it feeling lighter and more positive. Cedar brings balance and stability, complementing the cleansing properties of white sage. This combination helps restore harmony to both your physical environment and emotional. The act of smudging with white sage and cedar is a ritual in itself, providing a sense of mindfulness and intention, which can promote overall well-being. It's important to approach smudging with respect, mindfulness, and a clear intention to fully experience these benefits.

White sage and cedar smudging benefits:

  • bring focus and clear decision making
  • has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties
  • promote connecting to your higher self
  • creates a protection shield for your energy

Note: You will receive a California White Sage and Cedar Bundle that is similar to the one in the images posted.

Sourced locally and ethically from Southern California, San Diego area.

Sustainable harvest.

Do not leave it unattended while burning.

Size: approximately 5x1.5 inches.

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