Mugwort Bundle - large

Mugwort Bundle - large

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Mugwort smudging is a captivating ancient ritual that harnesses the power of burning this aromatic herb, Artemisia, to create a bridge between the conscious and ethereal realms. The rising smoke is believed to enhance dreams, purify negative energies, and unlock the mysteries of the subconscious. With its sweet, earthy aroma, mugwort smudging invites us on a journey of self-discovery and cosmic exploration, where the mystical and the everyday converge in an enchanting embrace.

The benefits cleansing with Mugwort:

  • open the Crown Chakra
  • helps reach deep mediation
  • promotes clarity
  • brings inner reflection

Note: You will receive one Mugwort Bundle that is similar to the one in the images posted.

Sourced from the coast of Southern California. Sustainable and Ethical Harvest.

Do not leave it unattended while burning.

Size: approximately 5.5x1.5 inches.

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