White Onyx Tower
White Onyx Tower

White Onyx Tower

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White Onyx Tower generators concentrate and focus powerful energy in one specific direction. Made of a strong stone, the White Onyx tower can be used for psychic work. Being a stone of strength it is recommended for athletes or for people who want to overcome mental and emotional stress. It is an efficient tool for manifestation, it will make any goals reachable. White Onyx Tower brings balance to the mind and body, it is used in meditation to help achieve deeper spiritual connection.

The White Onyx Tower:

  • brings strength
  • increases willpower and persistence
  • has a calming energy
  • enhances memory and confidence
  • helps with skin diseases and burns
  • aids in the healing of fungal infections
  • helps in healing infected wounds
  • improves memory and hearing
  • balances the thyroid
  • awakens eloquence
  • helps to focus attention

Note: Sizes and colors slightly vary as each White Onyx tower generators are different and unique. You will receive a White Ony Tower similar to one from the image.

Approximate size 2.25x1 inches

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