White Chalcedony Tower
White Chalcedony Tower

White Chalcedony Tower

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The White Chalcedony tower focuses the energy in one specific direction and brings harmony to the body, mind, and spirit. This tower generator radiates a gentle energy, and it is used to aid with emotional balance. It brings vitality, promotes kindness, and friendliness. It helps to dissipate self-doubt and negative emotions. 

Benefits of White Chalcedony towers:

  • protects against negative energies
  • promotes inner-peace
  • brings calm and relaxation
  • promotes emotional balance
  • brings inner-stability
  • encourages self-assurance
  • wards off sadness
  • boosts self-confidence
  • enhances enthusiasm
  • increases maternal instincts
  • eases dementia and senility symptoms
  • promotes gratitude
  • encourages self-acceptance
  • awakens love

Note: All White Chalcedony towers are unique, you will receive 1 item similar to the ones in the image.

Approximate size 4x1 inches. Sourced from Indonesia. 

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