Tiger's Eye Tower medium
Tiger's Eye Tower medium

Tiger's Eye Tower medium

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The Tiger’s Eye towers amplify and focus powerful energies in one specific direction. A Tiger’s Eye tower generator can be used efficiently as a powerful tool for manifestation. We recommend using it as the central stone in crystal grids for vitality, wealth, or grounding because it gathers the energy from the other crystals and focuses it towards your goal.

Tiger’s Eye Tower generator has the following properties:

  • radiates a grounding energy
  • offers protection against negative influences
  • enhances practical perception
  • heals issues of self-criticism
  • helps with blocked creativity
  • increases eyesight
  • heals reproductive organs and broken bones

Note: All Tiger’s Eye Tower generators are unique in their own way, there are no two alike. You will receive 1 Tiger’s Eye Tower generator that is similar to the one in the image.

 Approximately 3x1 inches

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